About Us

Saservo Pte Ltd is a sales organisation and is a leading provider in the field of test & measurement. Our sales solutions includes in the industry of aerospace , manufacturing , defense & radio communication .
In addition , we also provide technical , integration & industrial consultancy which adds up to our spectrum of variety to the services to be rendered. With our broad offering in this industry , we strongly believe this will add strong added value to our customers.

Saservo is the official channel Sales Partner for AVComm VIAVI Solutions, contact Saservo today to find out more on the product and price list at sales@saservo.com.

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Saservo has been officially authorized to offer selling, leasing and concerning service of product with Welzek in South Asia. Contact Saservo today at sales@saservo.com to find out more on our services.

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Our Vision

To be the ultimate destination for ALL your hair and beauty needs.

Our Mission

To address all your hair and beauty concerns. Through the sharing of our extensive product knowledge and salon experience, we aim to guide you toward the right products and solutions for your hair, skin, and nails. Our online platform simplifies hair and beauty care, making it accessible and effortless.