Modular AXIe

What are the key features?

The VIAVI Ranger is a wide-bandwidth, deep-memory Vector Signal Analyzer, Recorder, and Generator. Using the VIAVI Configurable Modular Platform (CMP) AXIe hardware and Signal WorkShop™ software, the Ranger allows customers to create, generate, monitor, record, analyze, and playback complex RF signal environments, all in
a single, compact, user-friendly package. Some of the Ranger’s key
features include:
. Wide bandwidth (up to 200 MHz) to generate and capture wideband signals and complex, multi-signal environments
. Deep Memory (up to 12.8 TB) provides streaming storage for large amounts of waveform data
. Record and playback of RF waveforms and complete RF environments for hours at full bandwidth Recording and analysis capabilities that allow the operator to visualize the spectrum over time and easily identify signals and events of interest
. Parametric analysis, demodulation, data thinning, and reporting

. Waveform creation, including individual signals, aggregated signals, and complete mixed-technology signal environments
. Generation and playback capability to generate test signals and recreate recorded signals and environments, including combinations of recorded
and created signals

. Triggering and time stamping for precise data synchronization

. File format compatibility with legacy products ensures direct compatibility for existing customers
. I/Q import / export ensures compatibility with third-party products
. Modular architecture facilitates multiple system configurations using a common platform, including multi-channel variants
. MIL-PRF-28800 Class 3 bench handling ensures reliability

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In addition to the AXIe chassis, other AXIe instrument modules are available—the mA-3011 Embedded Host Processor and the mA-6806 Vector Signal Transceiver. The mA-1302 and mA-1305 AXIe Chassis are flexible development platforms that comply to AXIe 1.0, Base Architecture Specification, Revision 3.0. The mA-1302 and mA-1305 can be used to create a wide range of test and development environments.

VIAVI and NordiaSoft, the world leader in Software Communications Architecture (SCA) tools, have announced a market first for the SCA community – a fully-integrated SCA platform that supports the entire SCA lifecycle, from simulation through development, then into production and field test.

Combining our Modular AXIe hardware and NordiaSoft’s SCARI Software Suite gives SCA developers a turnkey development system for implementing SCA Version 2.2.2 designs today and Version 4.1 later this year. The AXIe chassis and modules provide unparalleled value with ultra-high performance while maintaining a low total cost of ownership. The COTS modular AXIe system allows various plug and play configurations of transceivers, CPUs, GPUs, DSPs and FPGAs.

The SCA Platform is a custom configuration targeting radio OEMs, government and military users, including EW, SIGINT, SDR and other embedded users.




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