ATC5000NG New GeN Transponder Test Set

The ATC-5000NG is an RF signal generator/receiver for testing Mode A, C and S transponders. The ATC-5000NG was designed with modern software defined radio technology and is the replacement product for the commercial functionality of the SDX-2000, ATC-1400A and S-1403DL. The test set was designed for engineering development, design validation, manufacturing and return-to-service testing.

Generates ATCRBS/Mode S interrogations 10.4 inch touch screen LCD display for operator control of all test set capabilitiesRemote controlled via GPIB or EthernetOptional Command set emulation for SDX-2000, ATC-1400A and S-1403DLSoftware-driven design allows for field updates for adding new features, capability or modifications due to industry changesADS-B squitter encode/decodeDO-260, DO-260A and DO-260B data parsingTwo independent transmitters and receiversTX/RX data logging capabilityFull diversity testing capabilityData parsing in engineering unitsPulse and frequency measurementUAT TX/RX capability (optional)

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